12 Weeks have come and gone

12 weeks almost complete. I did it..well on Wednesday I would finally complete the first 12 weeks of treatment. So I can’t celebrate too soon. I also made it to my two Dodger games. It was an amazing two days of baseball.

Today I did my 12 week MRI. Tomorrow I do a biopsy. The pathology report will indicate any residual cancer cells and lead me to the next steps. I am preparing for some residuals as it’s not common that all cells are gone after this first round. However, in the case there aren’t any I move straight to surgery. I still haven’t made any decisions yet on what I want type of surgery, but I meet with my surgeon to go over my options and ask more questions in a couple weeks. If there are residual cells then I move on to a new chemo called A/C for 8 weeks. This will likely keep me out of work and knock me on my ass. I will go over results with my treatment team and get more answers next Monday and will be able to make some decisions. I am feeling good other than being tired all the time! Nothing bad other than the usual fatigue but I am still moving and grooving.

In the meantime, the kids have all started their sports and we are keeping busy. The dogs are great nap buddies. Eric has continued to be a stud with helping me and getting the kids everywhere. My mom will be coming to help in a couple of weeks and I am sure we will continue to need help here and there. We so appreciate all of the meals that people have provided! It has been so so helpful. I am going to update our schedule for May and post the link in the Facebook group. I appreciate all of the meal gift cards. Those have been a nice treat for us as well.

Until next week when I have more definite updates, everyone have a great week.


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I am married and 36 years old, with four kids and two dogs. We all have birthdays coming up in March and they are big milestone birthdays for the girls.
I am currently working where I get my treatment and completely trust my care team. I
appreciate all the love coming through in text messages, IM's, emails, and phone calls. It is this community of people that will make this process easier. 

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