Gettin Wiggy with it

Hello hello.

YES! It happened…I took the plunge and shaved my head. Some of you have already seen the photos but here are some more. Thanks to Nicole and Lindsey who absolutely killed it hosting this event at their home while I took the next step in this journey. It was not the easiest thing but it was definitely fun. We went through all the stages of hair cuts starting with a bob, bangs, mullet, mohawk, and then a rat tail. HAHA it was so funny. There was one point where I saw a photo with my hair virtually gone and I did become emotional and realized that I wasn’t ready to see myself that way. I was able to carry this cancer on my back while keeping it hidden from public view. But now…I look the part and I look sick. My appetite has changed and I have lost some weight but nothing that is unhealthy. I am hoping to keep working on exercise and healthy snacks so I can recover sooner. Thank you everyone who came to the wig party. The wigs were the best and Carli stills loves her wig.

The current

It’s been two weeks and I have been doing much better. I have been kind of in a funk with trying to get stuff done at home but also respecting my body and the rest I need. The current plan is to finish the remaining 4 of the first 12 weeks of treatment. I was delayed two weeks when I was sick and I just wrapped up “week 8.” I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon to discuss what happens after my mastectomy or lumpectomy and what that all looks like. There are so many options for what happens after. Ideally, reconstruction will be 3-6 months after my first surgery which would bring us to around January or February 2023. We are still waiting for the end of April before the next steps determine if I start AC round of chemo or go straight to surgery. Right now, I am just trying to get through the next three weeks of chemo. I am happy that the adjustments made to my treatment plan still allow me to be on study even though we had to tweak the infusions a bit. I am also lucky to still work and have a flexible schedule and it is truly a blessing and I am so fortunate and grateful to work where I get my treatment. I save so much time on travel to appointments and I cannot speak highly enough of everyone at the Masonic Breast Cancer clinic with M Health Fairview!

Eric, the kids and I spent some time this weekend at a shop for wigs called “It’s Still Me”. I walked in thinking I didn’t really want or need one, I just wanted to see what it would be like. I never realized how much I do not like myself with short hair after trying on some of these wigs! Another realization I came to was that my hair isn’t going to be back next year. In my mind, my hair was going to come back after I completed treatment. It will be back, but it probably won’t even be long enough to be past my ears for at least a year. So I decided that I should have a wig for special events considering I either won’t have hair or it will be in a weird growth transition for a while. It was a fun and very special experience and it meant a lot to me to have my family there to help pick out a wig and go through that process together. Ben is especially worried about how long it will take for my hair to come back so I think the wigs will help him remember the “normal” look. I definitely think the wig will be helpful for everyone while we go through our new reality.

This upcoming week

I do my three days of chemo this week. I was a little fatigue last week and hoping it is much more manageable this week. In two weeks we go to the DODGERS GAME!!! I am hoping to keep having good labs so I do not have any concerns with going to the game. The softball and baseball season is starting and we are all looking forward to being outside to watch some ball.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great week!

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I am married and 36 years old, with four kids and two dogs. We all have birthdays coming up in March and they are big milestone birthdays for the girls.
I am currently working where I get my treatment and completely trust my care team. I
appreciate all the love coming through in text messages, IM's, emails, and phone calls. It is this community of people that will make this process easier. 

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