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Hello hello.

The last update was that I didn’t have to start a second round of chemo. The past month has been several appointments, labs, and consults to plan for surgery. YES! After much thought and discussions with my medical team, I finally decided on what type of surgery I am going to do. I decided on a bi-lateral mastectomy with a delayed mastectomy on my right. Basically, the left will go and the right will stay until I do reconstruction sometime next year. The reason for the delay is because we don’t want any complications from the right side when we can do the mastectomy later. Surgery is required on the left side and if there were complications from the right side, it would only push radiation and infusions our farther. My outpatient surgery is schedule for tomorrow. In about a month or so, I will start radiation followed by more infusions. Still lots to happen but it is the second “phase” of this journey.

My energy has definitely increased back but not quite 100% yet. I continue to have some random issues but with new medications and extra sleep, I am doing great.

The past month has been filled with lots of softball, baseball, family, friends, and sleep. I am not the best at giving updates but everyone is good and busy. The school year is over this week and I am looking forward to recovering from home with my family.

Thank you for everyone continuing to check in on us and help us with the random stuff that each day brings. Things have been made very easy for us with your help. THANK YOU.



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I am married and 36 years old, with four kids and two dogs. We all have birthdays coming up in March and they are big milestone birthdays for the girls.
I am currently working where I get my treatment and completely trust my care team. I
appreciate all the love coming through in text messages, IM's, emails, and phone calls. It is this community of people that will make this process easier. 

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