The TIME has come!

Since I have started this journey, I have looked for little milestones to strive for. You know how when you are driving and you look ahead at something in the distance, then once the object that once seemed so far away was now right in front of you. Then you look ahead for something else in the far distance? Well, that’s what little things I have been looking for. The Dodgers coming to town was supposed to be the end of my first 12 weeks of treatment (until I became sick a couple weeks ago and we had to delay treatment). It was far enough in the distance but close enough to get excited for. It's a great way to be able to celebrate the end of one phase and then buckle down to start the next phase. Although I am still two weeks out from that "12 week celebration” I still feel accomplished in treatment being successful. Even if it’s because I showed up to treatment. Haha or even showing up to work and doing what I could, saying goodbye to my mop head, to the kids getting our first meal and them saying it was the best meal they have ever had...the list goes on. I feel little accomplishments in the past 10 weeks of treatment that I’m able to appreciate the process and look forward to the next two weeks to end it.


Finally, It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!

Like any other Dodger fan in Minnesota (I know I'm not the only one), we have waited 8 years for the Dodgers to come back to Target field. I am going to attempt to be on my best behavior when Correa comes up to bat...I’m not making any promises! The last time I saw The Dodgers play the Twins, the Dodgers won their 10,000 game in franchise history. I remember one game getting rained out and us going a different day for the second game. Hence Eric looking like the Man in the yellow hat from Curious George. I am hoping the weather holds out but if it doesn't I can do a double header on Wednesday. The twins were born the month prior and they were maybe 4/5 weeks old and this was our first time going out since having them. Man...we had such a great time at those games. We went for the whole series and one game was a birthday gift from my parents. I wish they played here in the summer but I will take what I can get.

I did have chemo today and will have it again Tuesday and Wednesday. I am going to bed early tonight to prepare to use a lot of energy at the stadium over the next two days. I’ll have the usual fatigue but IT WILL BE WORHT IT and I will be fine. My labs are great and I am feeling good.

Coming up this week (treatment wise)

I have a port check on Thursday because the area around my port has been swollen and we are concerned about a leak. With the new chemo around the corner (still unsure if I will need it, but most likely I will) Chemo meds cannot be leaking into my body. My port is tilted so it isn’t always easy to access. There were a couple weeks in a row where there wasn't a good return when accessing my port and it was causing me pain. That’s why there is concern that there may be a problem. Next week is the same chemo and infusion as usual. Nothing too crazy going on. Still hanging tight for the end of the month to get all of my 12 week test/imaging completed.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has brought us meals. The last week was busy with schedules and the meals are extremely helpful. Thank you!

Thanks for all the texts and calls. It means a lot and I apologize for not always responding. I will work on that.

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Thanks for stopping by!

I am married and 36 years old, with four kids and two dogs. We all have birthdays coming up in March and they are big milestone birthdays for the girls.
I am currently working where I get my treatment and completely trust my care team. I
appreciate all the love coming through in text messages, IM's, emails, and phone calls. It is this community of people that will make this process easier. 

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