Week 1 and America for Erica has been born!

Before I get into America for Erica, I completed my first week of chemo. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't ideal. First of all, Eric has been the real deal. He knew damn well I would not like one of his smoothies with broccoli and spinach in it. However, this green drink was legit. I have never wanted a green drink more than I did after having that. The start to my first chemo was starting off well. My regimen consists of two oral drugs and two infusions that vary each week. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday I take my first of 13 pills with an hour of fasting prior to. Then an hour after taking my first pill, I take the remaining 12. Then I fast for two hours after. I basically start at 8:15 with fasting, first pill at 9:15, remaining pills at 10:15, then fast until 12:15. This green drink is going to be essential to me on chemo days. I do need to eat a low fat meal prior to starting. Then I do an infusion that is approximately 35 minutes every three weeks and another 60 minute infusion weekly. My view was nice from my infusion chair but I am wanting the leaves to start coming in. I am excited to see what my view is tomorrow. Maybe I'll have the same view or maybe it will be where more traffic is. Who knows.

After chemo on Monday, Eric and I had a great lunch date and a much needed nap. I went to work on Tuesday and felt great. Then Wednesday came. And I felt it. I felt sluggish, tired, nauseous, achy...the works. I stayed home Thursday and slept most of the day. I was extremely unproductive which we were fine with.

Friday I went back to work and felt much better. Eric organized all of my pills that help with the nausea and the pills that off set the side effects of the nausea pills. hahaha it is just a circle of pills. I am so thankful he is on top of it and knows what is what because it took me almost a week to figure out what each pill did. He really has been amazing. I was so grateful to be at work and be productive.

Not being in person on the sidelines

We (Eric) spent the weekend getting the twins and Enjoli to their sports. They all had successful weekends playing and having a wonderful time. I hate not being able to watch them play and cheer for them. I feel like I have been benched for missing practice. I am not one of THOSE parents that cheer from the sidelines...hahahaLOL I can't even say that with a straight face. It absolutely sucked to not tell Enjoli to run faster and not watch the ball. Or Ben to match up. Or remind Charlotte that she was playing Bask-et-b-aaa-lll! I only got videos but I was happy to watch them over and over again. I was sure to tell them what to do next time once they got home.

America For Erica

As I wrote previously, the name came from Eric and the girls jumped on board. This is like the ultimate dad joke that has completely grown on me. The idea is that all of our friends and family that cannot be nearby to support us, can be apart of the journey with us by wearing a bracelet. This is encouraging to me and my family as we embark on this new normal and a reminder that we are not alone in this. Eric came up with the opportunity to support our family, near and far, by wearing the bracelets and sending us the photos. It is a small token of appreciation for all the thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and good vibes we are getting from everyone, everywhere. We do have a second batch of bracelets being mailed out in the upcoming week or so. I told Eric to not order any for kids because they would get lost and/or break. So we did not include them. However, it sounds like kids actually want them. So we may order some for the kiddos. These are free and we will not accept any payment for them. We just ask that you wear the bracelet and send us a picture. It brings us so much joy and we appreciate the time you take to bring smiles to our faces.

Facebook and Meal Train

This will be a long road and my dear friends have set up a Facebook page and meal train for our family. Most updates of random needs will be posted there and any meal train questions or suggestions will go through the page as well. We are so thankful for the meals, gifts, flowers, and kindness our neighbors, friends, and family have given us so far. We all feel so loved. From fruit bouquets to dog biscuits, rides to snow plowing, we are so overwhelmed with the love and appreciate everything.

Week 2 starts tomorrow but will not be as long as the first day of chemo. All I can say is Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you Eric, in sickness and in health, right? Thanks boo, you complete me.

Have a great week and thank you for thinking of us.

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