Week 2 Recap and all the new stuff.

Thank you for everyone who has sent in photos. They will slowly be added to the page. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me, Eric and the kids.

Bracelets will be mailed out again by the end of this week. We will be putting in another order and will keep sending them out.

Week 2

Week 2 of Chemo and infusion therapy went ok. I am starting to name day 3 my bad day. Day 4 tends to be somewhat of a lingering day. I feel that the chemo is somewhat tolerable, but the anti-nausea medication is what has the biggest effects. Chemo would likely be less tolerable without the anti-nausea pills. So it’s a game of ‘pick your poison.’ However, this past week and this upcoming week are easy infusions. On the 14th I will have my long infusion again. That one made me very sleepy. As of now, I am not getting any sores in my mouth and have not noticed much of my hair falling out. Due to my chemo being oral, I was advised that it may fall out closer to week 8. My skin and nails seem to be normal so far. Other than fatigue, digestive issues, and headaches, I feel great.

Eric and I met with the radiation oncologist this past week. We went over what radiation therapy will look like after I have surgery. Instead of 6 weeks I am looking at 4 weeks, daily. This is shortened due to me not being a viable candidate for immediate breast reconstruction. Which in reality, is fine. I feel that my breast don’t make me feel feminine. They aren’t what they used to be anyways so I fine with them being gone. However, my surgery options are dependent on my genetic testing. Obtaining my test results from a few years ago has proven to be a complete shit show. So I may have to get it done again. We are wanting to know if this is a mutation. If it is, my surgery options open up. If it isn’t then it looks like a lumpectomy is my best bet. Originally, I was thinking about doing a double mastectomy but there are so many variables and so much information that I am missing. Due to me needing radiation regardless of surgery, I can go either way with what type of surgery I want. My biggest fear is reoccurrence for obvious reasons. However, I find myself coming back to the place of trusting my care team and the research from those that have battled this same diagnosis before me. I have a lot of time to ask questions and get feedback from a panel and all that fun stuff.

Looking forward to Week 3

Week 3 brings me my weekly labs, provider visit, three days of chemo, and third infusion of Herceptin which is targeted therapy to my HER2 receptor (Belinda). It is a quick infusion and I can work before and after I get my treatment. I have a PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation) visit that will help keep me active throughout treatment, especially when I have little energy. I am excited to start working out again. I love going to Zumba (Nina Darlene-send me your videos!) and I want to start doing yoga at home so the whole fam bam can join in. Being on study, I get multiple MRI’s throughout treatment. This is a huge benefit to see the status of Bernard, such a bastard. I am fortunate to get this additional imaging so early in my treatment plan. We will gain so much information and be able to alter treatment if my tumor is not responding, especially the HER2 part. That generally shows sensitivity to treatment, so I am lucky to have a pansy ass receptor not be strong enough to handle the treatment and easily die. Breast MRI’s are by far the most uncomfortable and most horrible way to gain information. Imagine me screaming…at the top of my lungs for 45 minutes. Yelling, talking, screaming, just losing it…but 10x worse. That’s what an MRI is!!! Not to mention your breasts go into these two compartments and just hang there. Haha then the tech adjusts them in these compartments to make sure they hang just right. It is so horrible. All while laying face down in a makeshift massage therapist table with NO MASSAGE and being put into a huge tube. Last time, I had a cough and had to redo three of the tests. So time gets broken down into 2 minute, 4 minute, 3 minute, and 8 minute intervals…etc. So when I coughed we had to restart the 6 minute test. When I started to doze off, then was startled when the next test started…we had to restart it. Thank God I do not have a cough. Because it just makes it longer. I am thankful for the technology but seriously…hell on earth with the machine just yelling and my boobies just hanging out there. Ugh…it’s so bad. However, I’d rather have an MRI than be constipated. So there’s that. There’s something to be said about the joys of being regular.

I spent time with friends this last week and although it was nice to get out, it was very tiring. I found myself finding multiple reminders that I have cancer and need to rest this past week. it’s the constant reminders that I am getting that I am ignoring accidently on purpose. LOL

My mom arrived on Friday and has started doing things around the house that are extremely helpful. She will come with me to my appointment tomorrow…wish her luck driving to MPLS and hopefully it isn’t snowing.

Thank you!

Thanks for all of the flowers, cards, gifts for our family, meals, pictures, and prayers/thoughts…etc. We so appreciate it. My friend and neighbor said, “flowers are important. They bring much needed color, they signify life, growth, and brilliance.” Not only has she spoiled me with fresh flowers but I so believe this. I think anything that brings joy and peace to a stressful mind, is the best medicine. Thank you Lexi. I appreciate you and Josh.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week and I hope everyone stays healthy.

Love, me

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