Week 4 bound with hope and gratitude

Hello friends and family, I started today with great news that came from my MRI last week (week 3) and felt great starting my long chemo today (week 4). I am thankful to Enjoli and Carli! They started an awesome chemo playlist for me to listen to while I sit and take in all the drugs. Music is extremely therapeutic, and I am relying on it more and more during this journey. Send me some good songs. I like a little of everything. Tim S…Maybe a house mix or some type of recording you have from when you are on your tables?

Recap of week 3

To recap last week, I had a few appointments and started to work with PM&R (physical medicine and rehab). It was interesting to talk to someone about a workout routine that will be helpful to me, preemptively to surgery. The goal is the more I can get exercise in 5 days a week will make surgery recovery better. Overall allow me to be better mind, body, and soul. Those of you that might be saying…”DUH! Erica… this is called a workout!” I know…I know. But it’s different because I have a drive that is focused on applying my energy, on good days doing things I like to do. Things that I point at and tell Eric to fix or remodel, getting rid of stuff to make room for more stuff. I love to shop. I like playing games with my kids and helping them reorganize their room or getting old unfinished projects done. My time of constant energy seems to be fading fast so I am exerting my positive energy in things that I get instant gratification from. In any case, Eric and I have started to come up with a schedule so we can both get exercise so I can be physically healthier to beat this damn cancer. I am excited and do have a different perspective for it. Watch Zumba…Here I come. I am excited to swim again and do-little things with the positive time I have that will make me happy. I am learning to listen to my body more. Which is also doctors orders, I have to pace myself more because when I get these bursts of energy and run myself out, I will pay for it later. I am learning this and it might be easy for some but not as easy for me. I am thinking of being my healthiest in April for my Dodger game. So far my labs have all come back great.

The hated but never regretted...MRI

I completed the third of many MRI’s last week. As much as I hate lying there, I am so relieved I did the scan. I did doubt doing the scan because it is time consuming and annoying. I was reminded that being on this study is truly remarkable and an opportunity that only the U of M Canter Center would give me. I choose some great music this time which completely made this chamber of hell tolerable. Note for anyone else needing an MRI…pick the music. The techs hear all kinds of requests. They like when people pick something that will be calming to them, so the scan goes smoothly. I tried the relaxing ocean music but that’s what helps me at night, and it does a lousy job of drowning out the drumming sound of the MRI. Again, music can make everything better. My results were amazing. I am responding well to treatment and my tumor has decreased significantly in volume and size. The few mammary nodes that showed cancer have also decreased or stayed unchanged. This is expected of the nodes and it wasn’t even 3 full weeks of treatment (at the time of my scans). So little to no change is fine at this point. Now, if it got bigger or spread elsewhere…then we’d have a problem. All in all my treatment is working. The aggressive arm of study I am on is working. We are looking forward to week 12 when I get another biopsy to find any residual cells and MRI to find what is left of the tumor. Then I decide on surgery and what weeks 13-25 look like as far as treatment. There are still many variables but all good right now. I did ask about reoccurrence. It is too early to go over it all so Eric and I will get more information on that once I have more treatment under my belt.

I meet with genetics and nutrition this week. Genetics will be interesting as I already had genetic testing done several years ago and it was all negative…yet, here I am with cancer. More to come on all that.

So gracious

My mom has been a huge help that I didn’t think we would need. Just getting stuff organized and finishing up projects that I start and then walk away from because I feel like it. That’s what moms are for, right?!

I received an awesome gift today that made my smile, laugh, and most of all feel loved. It is so encompassing of me today and it is in my favorite colors! Carli took up crocheting with her previous softball Coach, (Thanks Jenny) I am needing Carli to catch on quick so she can start whipping these kinds of pillows out for me.

I had a great weekend making the twins’ Valentine’s day boxes…I mean assisting them while they made their Valentine’s day boxes 😊. I will miss this time doing their projects, with them of course. I wish Enjoli and Carli still made boxes. They would probably be super creative and really enjoy it. Eric and the kids are taking my good, meh, and bad days in stride. Eric continues to be a place of strength and support for me. He doesn’t judge me when I feel like a pile or when I am a puddle. He just does things, says things, and constantly shows me love and support. I am so thankful for him as my partner and the crazies we have in this house. The great report of my MRI and labs makes it all worthwhile. One day at a time is all it takes. I learn something new about myself with every appointment or conversation with my care team.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this. I have two more days of chemo this week and I just want to better balance my energy and time at home and for myself. Any tips? Let me know. If I have missed your photo on the Facebook page, please send me a text. I might have missed some.

Have a great week, love and hugs

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